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News - November 2001


Click here for the cover for the new ep 'epTHREE'.

An advert has appeared on mtv2 for the new ep 'epTHREE' and a secret gig. For a chance to get tickets for the secret gig, go to .


The video for 'I'll Find You' is now on mtv2 . It features the band playing in a room really and that's about it. It also has sort of a close-up section on each band member.


Hundred Reasons finish off their support slot with Muse tonight at London Docklands arena in front of 12,000 people. They start their full UK tour on Saturday the 17th in Tunbridge Wells . See Tour Dates for details.

On the H*R message board it says that 'Shine' (from EP Two) is to be the only song released so far to be included on the album. Which means that Cerebra, Slow Learner, Clear (flawed), Remmus, and Soapbox Rally aren't on it.