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The Brixton Academy gig has been confirmed for November the 8th.


No updates for over a month, sorry but I've been working on the new site (which is ready for whenever Jane sets up my domain). Anyway here's the big exclusive: the first 3 dates of the October/November have been confirmed as:
29th October:Folkstone Leas Cliff Hall
1st November:Glasgow Barrowlands
3rd November:Newcastle Universit
at the moment I don't think any dates have gone on sale, but keep checking back to ticketmaster or aloud which are the ticket sites these dates came from.
There is going to be a gig at London's Brixton Academy which is a mega rad venue as well but the date isn't known yet. The Promise Ring are unlikely to support, contrary to recent rumours.

The album, Ideas Above Our Station, entered the charts at number 6, down from the midweek number 3, but still very impressive.

The next UK tour will be around October/November time.

Falter release date is expected to coincide with the Carling Weekend (i.e. around end of August) now instead of September.

It's thought that H*R will start the recording of their second album some time this year, when they visit America.


Ozzfest was last night, H*R headlined the Radio 1/Kerrang stage. Radio 1 played three H*R songs I think, I'll Find You, If I Could and Oratorio.

Falter will be released around September time and it'll be the last single from IAOS. It's been hinted that an EP of new material will come out following that.

The re-release of 'one' has been confirmed for 10/6/02, although there is no mention of the vinyl being re-released.


Big update:

H*R finished the first leg of the tour in glorious fashion at the Astoria in London on Saturday, finished off by us street teamers throwing Singles Club stickers at no less than Coby Dick (or Jacoby Shaddix, whatever) and getting threatened by his bodyguards... a good night was had by all.

I think we all know the album was released on CD and 12" yesterday... if you don't have it already, go and get it now.

Silver is number 43 in this week's chart.

The site will soon be having a minor makeover and moving to Also I may think about recruiting someone to update the site more regularly... if you want to, email me here .

H*R are signing copies of the album and playing a 20 minute set at HMV in Oxford Street on Thursday night as reported below. Some wristbands are floating around on the H*R message board . So get over there sharpish and you might be lucky enough to get one.

H*R played Top Of The Pops last week, and it was broadcast on Friday and Saturday nights.

Lucky Thirteen have been added to the Reading Uni date on the 27th.


Silver got to number 15 in the charts today, H*R's highest placing yet.

There will be two instore signings: HMV in Oxford Street on May 23rd (ticket only) and at the Rock Box in Camberley on May 20th. The Rock Box will be opening at midnight on Sunday 19th to be the first shop to sell the album, but I'm not sure when H*R will be signing.


The tour started on Wednesday in Cambridge. Go to deathtoH*R for lots of band reviews and whatnot.

The official message board is back up here .

Silver was released yesterday on 2 CDs and a clear 7".

One of the amp lights has broken.

Falter will be the next single. is back up again.

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