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News - February 2002


The 4 tracks performed in session for the Radio One Rock Show on Wednesday morning are now up on the downloads page .

Also the visitor counter has tipped over the 1000 mark at some time over the last few days.


On the Downloads page , the two live tracks performed on Xfm ages ago are now up and hopefully working. In the near future, I will be uploading the Radio 1 Rock Show session from last night (Formula 1, If I Could, Great, Counting The Days) and possibly the Ash support set.


On March 16th and 17th, MTV2 will be showing sets from the NME Carling Awards gigs at the Astoria (including H*R supporting Ash).

H*R are playing a session on the Radio 1 Rock Show tonight, which goes out between midnight and 2am.


The next single will be the fantastic 'Silver' and it will be released on May 6th. I have a live version of it which I'll try to upload in the near future, along with the other live mp3's which have been down for a while.


Tour dates are supposedly complete now.

Co-operation tour starts tonight in Northampton.


The album is pencilled in for release on May 20th according to this week's Kerrang.


More Tour Dates .

It looks as though Cave-In are one of the two bands who will be supporting H*R on the May tour.


Sheffield, Manchester and Portsmouth tour dates added. It looks as thought the May tour is going to be pretty extensive, as the earliest announced gig is the 3rd, and the latest is the 30th.


New official site up at .


Gig announced for the Belfast Limelight on 30th May. See Tour Dates .


New Gigography page.

Rumours afoot that the Astoria date is just the London date of the album promotion tour.


HEADLINE SHOW AT THE ASTORIA ON 18/05. See Tour Dates for details.