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News - December 2001


All the tour dates have now been announced.

The lead track on the next ep/single will be 'If I Could' and it should be released at the end of February/beginning of March.

The album release date has been put back to May, later than the March date originally pencilled in.


New tour date at Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall on 1st March. Tour Dates


H*R will be supporting Ash at the London Astoria on February 5th as part of the NME Carling Awards gigs. See Tour Dates for details.

More tour dates in Cardiff and Edinburgh have been announced. See Tour Dates for details.


The band had a near-death experience yesterday when the wheel came off their van on the motorway between the Manchester and London gigs. Read the full story here .

The last gig of the tour (at the LA2 in London) went well last night. Douglas were a nice unexpected addition to the bill.

There are rumours of another tour around February, as a gig has been anounced at Liverpool University on 27/02/02. If the tour was around that time, it would probably be intended to promote the album release (due March).


The location of the secret gig on Saturday (15th december) is the Cockpit in Leeds. The emails were sent out today.


epTHREE entered the official charts at number 37 today, down from the midweek number 32 but still good, and H*R's first ever top 40 entry.


epTHREE is placed at number 32 on the midweek charts. If we all go out and buy it then it'll get to number 1. But if some of us go out and buy it, it might stay in the top 40 for the sunday chart, which would also be good.


epTHREE is released today featuring tracks 'I'll Find You', 'Sunny' and 'Slow Motion'. Go and buy it NOW. From some shops, you get a signed poster when you buy epTHREE. For the list of shops click here .