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News - April 2002


The tracklisting of the Lamacq Live show from the Maida Vale studios broadcast last night was: I'll Find You, Answers, Dissolve, Silver, Drowning, Rush-In, Shine, Punctual If Nothing Else, Oratorio, Remmus, Falter, If I Could, Counting The Days.

New backgrounds added to downloads page.

H*R are now a certainty for Reading, as confirmed by Steve Lamacq and meanfiddler last night. They'll play on the main stage on Friday 23rd at Leeds and Sunday 25th at Reading.


OK it looks as though the French site wasn't making up the festivals, as they're now on H* .


The French fansite H* has come up with a list of festivals they seem to think H*R are playing, although I can't find any confirmation of most of them anywhere. See tour dates for the list.

H*R are playing a live set on the Radio 1 Evening Session tomorrow, between 8 and 10 on 97-99fm or . A H*R fanclub email was sent out to win tickets on Friday. Also on the show will be the official Reading line-up.


H*R are on the cover of this week's NME and with a big 3-page article inside.

Quart Festival added to tour dates .


There is now a so many answers not enough questions forum in operation here . Or click on the link above.

According to three/four , there are rumours on various message boards saying that H*R are to spilt up. This seems very unlikely and also H*R's PR person has rubished the rumours.

H* is back online and with a bundle of exciting information:

" re-launches in a series of withching hour updates in the run up to the release of 'ideas above our station' on may 20th 2002" is the message on the new H* page. What does withching mean?

Swedish Hultsfred festival added to tour dates as well as an unknown London venue the day after the Astoria show (Sunday 19th May).

Singles Club 3 registration will begin in May, featuring tracks from Cave-In and Capdown.

A book entitled 'A Brief History of the Ideas Above Our Station' should be available on the Ideas tour and throuhg mail order soon afterwards as well.


hrclosed.gif can't say fairer than that. This is the image which greets you on arrival at H* if you use Internet Explorer but Netscape still seems to work fine. Well, I say fine, but only the news page is working. are running a competition for a small london gig with an easy answer question. And the Radio 1 Evening Session ran another competition for another small gig last night, but it's closed now.


Silver, H*R's second single, will be released on 2 CDs and a limited clear 7" on May 6th. The tracklisting will be:
CD1: Silver, Aerogramme, Rush-In, Silver (video)
CD2: Silver, Seems To Register Zero, Punctual If Nothing Else

The video for Silver is now on regular rotation on MTV2. Request it by emailing them here .

Watch the video for Silver here: low | medium | high .

The band are in Scandinavia or somewhere around there at the moment playing shows.

Silver is on the Radio 1 B List which means it should get 15 plays per week.


Festval added to tour dates on July 20th in Nottingham.


Supports updated on Ideas Above Our Station tour.

 See tour dates .

Spanish festival added to tour dates page.

The B-Sides of Silver will be 4 new songs: Rush-In, Aerogramme, Punctual If Nothing Else and Seems To Register Zero. I expect this means it will be released as 2 CDs and a 7" again.

Silver promos have been sent to Radio stations so keep an ear out.

The video for Silver is properly finished and should be making its way onto MTV2 etc. soon.